Duromina from Ethiopia.

By Ristretto Coffee Roasters


Mango, Apricots, Iced Tea, Gentle Florals, Sweet and Good Body.

Duromina is located in southwest Ethiopia’s Oromia state, Jimma zone, and Goma woreda. It is 65 km from the town of Jimma, and 25 km from the closest major town of Agaro. The name in English translates to "Make More Money!" which is a focus of this farmer co-operative who received their wet mill for washed processing of their heirloom arabica coffees from the Technoserve project.

Average farm altitudes between 1900 to 2100 meters.

The coffee is exceptional - this is a group we have purchased from before and always look out for. 

Particularly suited for black coffee drinks - straight espresso, long blacks, other than espresso brew methods (Filter, Aeropress, plunger etc). i.e. Don't add milk!



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