Ristretto Custom Blend - Spring Season 2017

By Ristretto Coffee Roasters


A comforting swirl of caramel, toffee and chocolate flavours often with a complimentary soft cooked stone fruit or ripe berry sweetness.

Ristretto RCB - Custom Blend - is our Awarded integration of in-season fresh selected arabica coffees and the top coffee choice by our retail and wholesale customers.

It represents standout value for money and serves as a great introduction to what "specialty" coffee can be Vs legacy offerings/ alternatives in the marketplace and is here to please any long time espresso drinker or new world coffee aficionado equally. 

Easy to work with, it's roasted primarily for espresso use and we do this carefully - not to obliterate the unique qualities and characteristics of the standout coffees that are specially selected for this pet project while still developing a sugary sweetness and a pleasing body and mouthfeel.

All coffees are sourced and roasted under a strict quality assurance guidelines and controls to represent a better tasting, consistent/ reliable, transparent and responsibly sourced product. 


RCB has won awards in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne for both Espresso and Milk use.
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